Welcome to Kate's Books! We all know the importance of reading to our kids. It is fundamental in so many aspects of their lives. Reading provides basic speech skills, logical thinking skills while encouraging creativity and imagination! 

The mission of Kate's Books is to gather gently used books and distribute them to underprivileged children through the Dallas Police Department's Santa Cops Program. Kate has been active in Santa Cops since she was an infant. She noticed we gave away plenty of toys, but no books. Kate had the idea to include books in Santa Cops' donations. Since many underprivileged kids may not have regular access to libraries, this is a great way to get books into the hands that need them most!

 Kate hopes this is a successful new aspect of the Santa Cops Program!

We held a Book Drive September 14 - 16, 2016 that was very successful!  You can still drop off donations at Dallas Police HQ

Special THANKS to Half Price Books for their amazing donation of 2000 books!

Santa cops

The Santa Cops program was designed to assist members of the community who have been victims of crime and as a result of that act; they are unable to provide for their children during the holidays.

Donating to the Future!


During the month of September, Kate will conduct a book drive. She asks for gently used books from all reading levels. The books will be sorted by age and then given to Santa Cops' recipients in December.



Reading to Kids

Major cities in Texas have startling high rates of children living in concentrated poverty.  19% of Texas children live in high poverty neighborhoods, the chart reflects that Dallas kid's don't fare well.