2016:  Goal was 2,000 books

Actual was 5,000 books!!

2017:  Goal was 5,000 books

Actual was 7,500!!

2018:  Goal is 7,500 books

IRS 501(c)3 



The mission of Kate's Books is to gather gently used or even new books and distribute them to under-privileged children.


Kate's Books was founded in April 2016, by an 8 year old girl with a big vision!  Kate has been active in Santa Cops since she was an infant. She noticed we gave away plenty of toys, but no books. Kate had the idea to include books in Santa Cops' deliveries. Since many underprivileged kids may not have access to libraries in the same manner we do, this is a great way to get books into the hands that need them most!